Rigid levellers
XR24 Levellers XR32 Levellers XR43 Levellers XC25 Levellers

XC33 Levellers XC45 Levellers VF30 Levellers VF40 Levellers

VF50 Levellers JV30 Levellers LC60 Levellers AZ20 Levellers

AZ29 Levellers AZ50 Levellers AZ60 Levellers MR25 Levellers
BG25 Levellers PF60 Levellers PF80 Levellers PF100 Levellers
MR40 Levellers HX25 Levellers AM46 Levellers MS25 Levellers

RZ30 Levellers DH50 Levellers EC24 Levellers MF38 Levellers
RC34 Levellers RC40 Levellers RC50 Levellers OX50 Levellers
CR25 Levellers CR30 Levellers CR39 Levellers BZ35 Levellers
NP19 Levellers EQ16 Levellers EQ19 Levellers EQ22 Levellers
EQ25 Levellers EQ29 Levellers AE45 Levellers SP17 Levellers
SG17 Levellers HW21 Levellers
    Free turning levellers
XRS24 Levellers XRS32 Levellers XRS43 Levellers XCS25 Levellers
XCS33 Levellers XCS45 Levellers AZS50 Levellers AES45 Levellers
CRS25 Levellers CRS30 Levellers CRS25 Levellers CRSG25 Levellers
EGSBX50 Levellers EGSBX55 Levellers
    Tilting levellers
XB32 Levellers XB33 Levellers AI50 Levellers SN80 Levellers

SN100 Levellers PG60 Levellers PG80 Levellers PG100 Levellers
    Levellers with fixing holes
ST40 Levellers SV40 bases SM80 Levellers SN80 Levellers
    Levellers with anti-sliding base
SR32 Levellers DH50 Levellers
    Levellers with super-sliding base
SR32 Levellers
    Levellers with felt
SR32 Levellers CRS25 Levellers
    All metal rigid levellers
MLR30 Levellers MY30 Levellers

    All metal free turning levellers
MLS30 Levellers
  Knock-in levellers
KIFS Levellers
   Spare parts
CT25, CT33 & CT45 Covers NA25 & NA38 Anti-sliding pads RT10 & RT12 Screws FR8 & FR10 Caps
Bases for all metal levellers